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DISPUTE RESOLUTION BOARDS (DRBs) A panel of one to three experienced and impartial experts convenes at the start of a project and meets periodically with the field team to follow work progress and in keeping abreast of job developments and encouraging dispute resolution at the project level.

DRBs are an exciting development in conflict resolution, ultimately avoiding arbitration or litigation in more than 98% of cases involving public highway, tunneling and utility projects with similar results in commercial building programs.


·    Selecting Board members with expertise On three-party panels, one member is selected by the owner and contractor respectively, who in turn select the third member. All are approved by the parties. It is essential that members are experienced, respected and impartial so their input is trusted.

·    Meeting regularly to discuss difficult issuesInvolving the DRB as part of the team is critical. The Board meets with the parties periodically onsite or virtually to discuss job progress and team communication, encouraging candid discussions of problems and solutions.

·    Resolving issues earlyThe most effective solutions are worked out directly between the parties, but the DRB stands ready to conduct an advisory or full hearing at the request of the parties to offer a non-binding opinion.



·    Greater Dissemination of DRBsThe high success rate alone of Dispute Review Boards promotes wider usage. Since their inception in 1976, DRBs have been widely adopted with great success. There are still areas and project types where DRBs are little-known. Education will allow greater usage of this exceptional method of resolving disputes.


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